Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to: Easy curls with no heat

Do you want to curl your hair without damaging it? Instead of using hot tools, braids can be used to create curls. The results are soft beachy waves that can be done overnight. Have fun trying this fun and super easy hairstyle!

  1. Wash your hair, this will help the curls stay. This works best on towel dried hair.
  2. Part your hair into 4 sections ( 2 sections if you have thin hair).
  3. Apply some mousse or leave in conditioner. I used my Loreal Vive Pro. I think it is discontinued.

4. Put you hair into braids. Depending on how tight you want your curls to be, small braids=tight curls, large brads=looser curls.
5. Go to bed
6. Wake up to beautiful curls :)

                   The Results

Have fun trying out this look!
Have you tried this before?


Gracie 貴寶 said... [Reply]

That looks amazing! I love it...but my hair might not be long enough. =/


๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

Thank you Gracie :)
Maybe you should wait until your hair grow a little longer!

Ann said... [Reply]

Easy... and looks amazing!

the dreamer said... [Reply]

That looks gorgeous! I'll have to give it a try too. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah x

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

Thanks Ann!

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

You're welcome :)
Tell me how it goes!

aMz88 said... [Reply]

i love ur curls, at least its manageable lolz mine is not so much :)) anyway thanks for dropping by a comment on my blog, i followed ur blog, i hope ur already following me :p i cant check >,< nice blog btw ^__^

~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/

ZxM Fashion Addicts said... [Reply]

was doing this since i was a kid!classic, love it!!!


Emilie said... [Reply]

wauw thank you so much for sharing!! I had no idea this existed :) I have quite curly hair from myself, but this is such a cool trick to teach my sister or friends :p Cooooool post!!!!



๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

I'm glad you like it!

Always Maylee said... [Reply]

Great tip, I remember doing this when I was younger, but haven't tried again recently. I'll definitely have to do it again! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Patti said... [Reply]

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm not crazy about how the tips look. Any tips on how to make it not look like you just took it out of a braid?

Mary Kapsi said... [Reply]

Great blog dear, check out mine and if you like we can follow each other :)

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

In the morning run frizz ease or a hair cream through your hair. If you like, maybe curl some front strands to make it look nicer :)

Bravoe Runway said... [Reply]

OK so this is the no heat curl tutorial? I've seen bloggers mention it, but have not had time to actually google it! Thank you so much for showing us! I think it looks great, I will definitely need to try it! First time visiting, would you like to follow each other?

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

just did !

Mary Kapsi said... [Reply]

Thanks a lot dear!
Check my fb page to stay in touch :)
MaryFashionLove on Facebook

bibi said... [Reply]

that`s a cool idea and it also looks very easy, so I will try this out for sure :)


Dolly said... [Reply]

these are some really nice curls! but when im using braids for curls i always look like a puppy, no kiddin!
nice blog you have here girl :)
come and check out mine and tell me what you think about it!
we can follow each other if you want!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Raindrops of Sapphire said... [Reply]

I do this all the time! I love doing it and have the wavy curls! I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits and more :) :)


Lucia said... [Reply]

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Fifth N Sixth Closet said... [Reply]

WOW, your hair looks amazing!
now following, hope you follow back!

Sam said... [Reply]

The results are amazing, looks really lovely, thanks for this great hair idea, i am also not too fond of using heat styling. Great blog!

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

lol your comment cracks me up "look like a puppy?"
I know what you're talking about though.

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

just checked out your blog ;)

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

ya, you're welcome :)
thanks for coming by

Priscilla said... [Reply]

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RaeAbigael said... [Reply]

love your hair! :)))

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Ke said... [Reply]

love your hair! i have really curly hair too and i've always straightened it but it's the summer so i'm letting it go natural :) please visit my blog too if you have a moment!


Vasu said... [Reply]

they look so beautiful, love the idea :)




Deborah D said... [Reply]

Woow amazing,I have to try!


Amanda said... [Reply]

Good Post. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.


Nora Aradi said... [Reply]

Amazing! Thank you for this post! Nice blog!


Karolina said... [Reply]

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♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said... [Reply]

Amazing hair tutorial! :D

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xoxo backtofive

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You mean curl the tips of the front strands? Probably wont look right, since the curl pattern will be different. Might as well just curl the entire head then.

Michelle Jiafang said... [Reply]

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:

Anna Brain said... [Reply]

Oh wow! WOWnderful! :)
You are sooo beautiful, pretty lady! :)

Sapphire said... [Reply]

I wish my hair was lovely and long like yours so i could do this! I have to rely on extensions for length :c
you're very pretty ^^

tini-tani said... [Reply]

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Mika ♡ said... [Reply]

I love the effect you got on your hair~ It's so very hippie pretty~ ^^ <3 This would definitely look good on long hair! When my hair grows out, I'll definitely try this out.

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said... [Reply]

I just visited your blog, too!

Miriam said... [Reply]

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GOPOLAYSIA said... [Reply]

very pretty ! <3


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